Access control in e-Commerce applications by using state machines

Access control in e-Commerce applications by using state machines


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  • LCC Subject Category: Computer and Information Science, Computer-Human Interaction
  • Publisher's keywords: access control, authorization, state machines
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Mihaela Ordean, Dorian Gorgan



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The paper refers to a particular domain of authorization and proposes the SCAR-ACE model for role based access control in e-Commerce applications. Nowadays, there are an increasing number of Web applications that require authorization decisions. These applications include (but not limited to), e-Commerce applications, management and sharing of distributed resources, execution of downloaded code, etc. Authorizing these kinds of applications is significantly different of that of centralized systems and even of that of relatively small distributed systems. E-Commerce applications become increasingly more complex, requiring access to heterogeneous resources of users in different roles. Access control in e-Commerce applications is an important subject of nowadays scientific research. The current work proposes a safe model for role based access control without using cookies. The proposed model allows the access to system resources only for authorized users. In order to determine the flow and to control the access to the resources in a distributed application, is introduced the notion of role as an intermediary between a user and its permissions. Each role has attached a set of permissions (or privileges) to access the resources and operations. The model is validated by a set of tests and by experimental results.

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