Zian and Qalabshu, the Area of Future Development Dakahlyia Governorate, Egypt

Zian and Qalabshu, the Area of Future Development Dakahlyia Governorate, Egypt


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Anions, Cations, Drainage water, Salinity, Subsoil water
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    Mandour R. A.



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Salinity is a major problem throughout the world. The present work was carried out on seventy samples collected from Zian and Qalabshu. Analysis carried out of selected ten drainage and four subsoil water samples represent the water resources of the study area. Aim of the present work was to suggest the best and scientific method of utilization and conservation of soil and water for the future development in the area. The results showed that, samples of El-Nil canal fall in high saline water class. Though such water is permissible for irrigation but may cause a harmful effect on crops. It may be suitable for plants of moderate tolerance. Samples of El-Sokar factory canal at the front of factory gate, rejection area of drain-2-station and suction area of drain-2- station, El-Gamaiat canal and subsoil-1 fall in very high saline class which is of doubtful quality for irrigation. Samples of El-Sokar factory canal 1km away from factory gate, immersed area by water, El-Moheet drain and subsoil samples fall in the excessive saline water class which is of unsuitable quality for irrigation. The depth to water in the area ranges between 75 cm and 175 cm. The closeness of the subsoil water to the ground surface is harmful to the crop yield in the agricultural areas. To avoid the serious problem of salinity, the subsoil water has to be lowered either horizontally by relatively deep surface drains or vertically dewatering from the wells.

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