Design and Development of Energy Efficient Multi-Utility Desert Cooler

Design and Development of Energy Efficient Multi-Utility Desert Cooler


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Desert cooler, Evaporative cooling, Humidity, Refrigeration
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Poonia M.P., Bhardwaj A., Upender Pandel, Jethoo A.S.



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An evaporative cooler produces effective cooling by combining a natural process - water evaporation with a simple, reliable air-moving system Evaporative cooling is the most economical and effective means of refrigeration and air cooling since its inception particularly in the areas where climatic conditions are hot and dry. In Rajasthan (India), during summer Dry Bulb Temperature (DBT) of air may reach up to 48 ˚C while relative humidity stays below 50%. During present study efforts were made to make evaporative cooling system more versatile. In the process of study a cooler cum refrigerator has been developed which can be utilized for the purpose of air cooling, drinking water cooling viz. a viz. storing the vegetables and medicines without altering the performance of desert cooler. The energy saving by doing so is saved more than 30 W. A small size desert cooler can cool more than 24 liter water per day up to the Wet Bulb Temperature (WBT) of outside air as well as could store vegetables for more than five days.

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