Solid Waste Pollution and Collection in Scrap Houses of Nanded, Maharashtra (India)

Solid Waste Pollution and Collection in Scrap Houses of Nanded, Maharashtra (India)


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Groundwater, leachate, scrap house, solid waste
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Pawar R.S. and Panaskar D.B.



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The present study was conducted on the leachate and groundwater samples collected from the Valmikinagar dumpsite and the solid waste collected from the scrap houses of Nanded city. The study examines basic characteristics of the leachate and groundwater samples near dumpsite. Concentration level of contaminants was studied on daily and monthly basis. Solid waste was also studied with references to collection, sorting and recycling from different areas of the scrap houses of the city. The leachate and groundwater samples were collected from Walmiki Nagar solid waste dumping site. The leachate sample showed slightly acidic pH while groundwater samples showed neutral pH from the solid waste dumping site. The leachate sample showed higher electrical conductivity while groundwater sample showed slightly higher than the permissible limit. The leachate sample falls under very hard category while groundwater sample falls under hard water class. The leachate sample showed very high calcium content than the permissible limit. Similarly, the chloride content of both the samples was higher than desirable limit. The study also had a focus on the glass, paper, plastic, iron, cartoon waste collection, segregation and transportation for recycling.

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