Decomposable Garbage as an Anthropogenic Factor and Need for Positive Perspective: A Review

Decomposable Garbage as an Anthropogenic Factor and Need for Positive Perspective: A Review


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Composting, Garbage, Vermicomposting, Recycle, Waste generation
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    Sunitha N. Seenappa



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Garbage mainly as decomposable waste and recyclable plastics are the loitered waste commonly observed by every urbanite in India. The problems of garbage are likely to be intensified due to shrinking of municipal budgets (Muller and Schienberg, web search). From the perspectives of nature, garbage especially of decomposable type are resolvable commodity provided how we support nature for its processing. Biologists and anthropologists apart from the ruling Government, must work hand-in-hand to scrutinize multiples of existing technologies required to be re-researched and to be re-exhibited on pilot scales that needs to be done in one’s hometown. Observations made by Ogawa (web search), shows that successful projects in line of solid waste management in the developing countries are meager and a very few success shown were until with the external support agencies. Later dwindle as socio-economic crisis begin. After analyzing the details of decomposable garbage as disposable/recycling/energy production/composting/landfills -the study has shown the effective transformation of decomposable garbage into economically feasible, bioremedial, sustainable, rethinkable technology as aerobic composting followed by vermicomposting to make use of the product for soil reclamation, organic agriculture as sustainable technology at least for Indian suburbs.

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