Dehumanization in the Novel of Socialist Realism

Dehumanization in the Novel of Socialist Realism


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  • Publisher's keywords: dehumanization, social realism, formal-narrative aspects
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    Lirim Sulko, PhD


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Yuri Lotman affirms that the concept of the text is not absolute, but makes sense in a relationship with a historical, cultural and psychological structure that accompanies it. He considers every text "... determined by those socio-historical, national and psycho-anthropological reasons, which form the artistic models of life” [1] So in a totalitarian regime, in other words dehumanized, the novel of socialist realism not only avoids the modern literary tendency, but manages to show dehumanization even in its formal-narrative aspect. Thus, in the conditions when the totalitarian regime aims at installing a 'new man', the novel of socialist realism also through censorship aims its promotion ('the new man’). In the formal-narrative aspect, the novel of Socialist realism emphasizes the authoritative mode of confession, in the sense of full submission of the character (meaning the reader, who is identified with the character throughout the reading process) to the total information within the literary work owned by the author in cooperation with the narrator, but at the same time proclaims as 'heretic' the narrative ways that liberated the character from the submission without glory of the pair author-narrator. As such, it (the novel of socialist realism) is / becomes thus a direct expression of dehumanization.

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