Islamic Lexic And Terms In Bosnian Language

Islamic Lexic And Terms In Bosnian Language


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  • LCC Subject Category: Linguistics, Languages and Literature
  • Publisher's keywords: Islamic lexic, linguistic borrowing, language interferences, Orientalism, phonetic adaptation, morphological adaptation
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Enver Ujkanović, PhD



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Islamic lexic in the Corps of Oriental vocabulary is not negligible. This breakthrough into the Bosnian language area is related to the penetration of Islam and his acceptance by the local population. The system of educational institutions that are formed within Islam, has implemented all aspects of the study of Islamic sciences, and opened the way processes in language interferences. Islam has given their faithful an appropriate characteristic that is reflected in various forms of cultural, public and private life. Subsequent to the conversion of the local population to Islam were extralinguistic factors that went in favor of linguistic interference, opening the way to intensive borrowing vocabulary from the religious sphere, but also in the lexic that follows the customs and daily life, the lexic of personal names.

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