Beyond the Known Dimensions of Edith Durham

Beyond the Known Dimensions of Edith Durham


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    Majlinda Ziu



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After her father’s death in 1885, Edith had to take care after her mother Mary for years in succession, because she was ill. Taking care of her mother for many years caused Ms Durham to experience chronic fatigue. She was suffering from health problems as well. As a consequence, at age 37 sh was advised by her doctor to take a break. In order to satify her sense of adventure and give her an opportunity to recuperate, she acquiesed. It was a sea journey from England to the Balkans. This journey, which later was repeated, did not only serve improve her health, but it made in indelible impression on her, changing the course of her life. During her time spent in various Balkans countries she gained signficant noteriety as an artist, as an antropologist and as a writer. Her journey towards Balkans started in Dalmatic sea line from Trieste in Kotor, continued towards Cetinje, (capital of Monte Negro) and arrived in Albania.

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