Developments and Theoretical Approaches on Public Diplomacy

Developments and Theoretical Approaches on Public Diplomacy


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  • Publisher's keywords: public diplomacy, diplomacy of brands, exchanges of students, management of news, international relations
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    Ngadhnjim Brovina



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Seems that had never been agreed upon definition of the term: public diplomacy. This lack of consensus about the definition may prove to be a good thing because, it encourages researchers to explore this area further, and remains to be seen in the future that maybe we will have an accurate and precise term about public diplomacy. Public diplomacy is seen as an evolving field, a multi-disciplinary field with its theoretical, conceptual and methodological links in some of disciplines such as international relations, media studies, public relations, etc.. When we talk about functions, history and trends of development of public diplomacy, normally is more easily, because we can find more literature, although most of it is in English and just a few in the Albanian language. The general approach of my research has to do with recognition of some of the theoretical aspects and some of the practices of influence and domination of public diplomacy, concretized with concrete examples.

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