Creative Teaching Methods in English Language Teaching

Creative Teaching Methods in English Language Teaching


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  • Publisher's keywords: Creative Teaching Methods, English Language Teaching
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    Edita Kamberi Spahiu, PhD



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Teaching and learning are quite complicated methods, but to be realized in a successful way both of these components need to apply a variety of factors that are important and the key to success. Amongst those factors, the principle, the equipment, the strategies and the details are especially important forms of work in groups which is the direction through which we achieve our goals within the technique of learning. In the complicated process of teaching, it's far and remains a problem in the future to use the most efficient techniques of working with students. Creative teaching has to be properly thought out but well-planned. The teacher in his activity uses a variety of strategies, methods and teaching techniques where students interact in special ways of organization. Discussion and working methods with groups create a learning environment in which active learning is supported. Also, the use of efficient methods, which affects the quality of education. The term quality in education is closely related to contemporary models or the different methods and techniques used by teachers during the teaching process to achieve the learning objectives. For this reason, many studies in the field of education have been undertaken today that show that active involvement in the learning process helps to fix different materials but also for a deeper and more accurate understanding of knowledge, as well as their active use.

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