Prevalence of asthma in the subjects attending multi specialty centre OPD, Ballimaran, Delhi

Prevalence of asthma in the subjects attending multi specialty centre OPD, Ballimaran, Delhi


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    H. Izharul*| Dept of Juris & Toxicolgy, AU Tibbia College & Hospital, New Delhi, A. Mahboob| Dept of Preventive and social medicine, AIUMC Muzaffarnagar, India, H. Mushtaq| Dept of Regimental Therapy, AIUMC Muzaffarnagar, India


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The burden of Asthma in developing countries such as India isof sufficient magnitude to warrant its recognition as a priority in governmenthealth strategies. Particular resources need to be provided to improve the careof disadvantaged groups with high morbidity, including certain racial groupsand those who are poorly educated, live in large cities, or are poor. Thepresent study was conducted to find out current prevalence of asthma insubjects attending multi specialty centre OPD Ballimaran, Delhi. Attempts werealso made to detect possible factors contributing to the prevalence. A total of1000 subjects were included in the study using questionnaire, clinicalevaluation by physician and spirometry. The current prevalence of asthma inmale population of Delhi was 13.42% and in female population 12.41%,respectively. The prevalence of asthma was more (13.42%) in male populationthan female population (12.41%) respectively.

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