Design an Expert System for Ranking of Software metrics

Design an Expert System for Ranking of Software metrics


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  • LCC Subject Category: Engineering, Applied Linguistics
  • Publisher's keywords: Fuzzy logic, MATLAB, Empirical Studies
  • Language of fulltext: english
  • Full-text formats available: PDF
  • Time From Submission to Publication: 8


    Pooja Garg, Sukhdip Sangwan, R.K. Garg


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This research paper represents a framework for ranking of software metrics based on expert opinion elicitation and fuzzy-based matrix methodology. The proposed methodology is able to accommodate the imprecise and inexact data involved in the problem of ranking of software engineering metrics, vagueness and ambiguity occurring during expert (human) decision making and to depart from the complexity of formulation of the objective and the constraint function. The goal of performing this empirical research is to improve the understanding of software metrics that may have influence on software reliability and analyze the significance of their effects. Thus, it requires developing a fuzzy-based matrix methodology to systematically rank the existing software metrics with respect to their impact on the prediction of software reliability.

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