Developed the Flexure Shear Strength of Rc Beam with Using Fiber Polymer Composite

Developed the Flexure Shear Strength of Rc Beam with Using Fiber Polymer Composite


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  • LCC Subject Category: Engineering, Applied Linguistics
  • Publisher's keywords: fiber, concrete, reinforcement, coarse aggregate, polymer matrix.
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    Er. Sanjay Sangwan, Er.Naveen Hooda, Er. Deepak Sharma


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The purpose of this study was to develop the strength in flexure shear of reinforced concrete beam with the help of fiber polymer composites. We use the glass fiber and other polymer matrix as a reinforcement material. The suitability of polymer reinforcement as hard binding material for concrete has been assessed by comparing its ultimate bearing capacity of reinforced concrete beam. We prepare the two set of beam, in set I, we construct three beam, in this 1st beam is normal control beam , and the other two beam are made with fiber reinforcement . As same in set II, three beam are construct, 1st beam is normal and other are made with fiber reinforcement polymer in different way. And compare the result of each beam with each other. The effect of number of GFRP layers and its orientation on ultimate load carrying capacity. The test result indicates that fiber reinforcement polymer can be used effectively used to improve strength of beam.

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