A Fault Analysis based Prioritization Specific Regression Test Path Identification Approach using ACO

A Fault Analysis based Prioritization Specific Regression Test Path Identification Approach using ACO


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  • Publisher's keywords: Regression Test Path, ACO (Ant Colony Optimization).
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    Ms Sunita, Ms Mamta Gulia


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Testing is a process that never ends even after the software delivery. During the Acceptance testing if some changes are required in the software in terms of inclusion or exclusion of some module, In such case it is required to test the software again. But it is not feasible to test all cases. Now the work is to test only the required module instead of testing all. This whole concept is presented by Regression Testing. But while selecting the test module numbers of available factors are there. In this proposed work we will assign the prioritization to the test cases based on the number of faults in that module initially and the module critically level to the fault. According to this fault oriented module analysis the prioritization will be assigned to the test cases. An optimized approach is defined to perform for regression testing. The optimization is here performed to generate the regression test sequence using ACO approach. In this paper work an integrated model will used that will combine all these approaches and generate the optimal test sequence based on test case prioritization. The work will also design a hybrid approach for the generation of test case prioritization

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