A Dual Text Encryption Model using Hyper Encryption and Geometric Cryptography

A Dual Text Encryption Model using Hyper Encryption and Geometric Cryptography


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  • LCC Subject Category: Engineering, Applied Linguistics
  • Publisher's keywords: Hyper Encryption, Geometric cryptography, PSN, OTP, Fingerprinting
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Ms. Ritu Malik, Ms. Sunita


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the security of cryptosystem has always been a problem. There are number of protocols that provide the attainable security. Hyper Encryption is one of the Encryption protocols that provide the everlasting security. But in today’s era where with the maximum use of technology the eavesdropper power has been increased really very much. So there is a need of increased security. But the security of text based encryption scheme is always at risk. If we use graphical shape for the encryption with the text based encryption we can provide a better security layer. In this paper we are going to propose a hybrid encryption approach with the Hyper Encryption and Geometric Cryptography in this we will use the two layer security and try to make a protocol that provide a better security with a reliable approach

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