Cloud Computing Threats

Cloud Computing Threats


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  • Publisher's keywords: cloud computing, problems, threats, security.
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    Vibha Sahu, Brajesh Dubey,, Dr.S.M.Ghosh


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The progress of cloud computing services is accelerating the rate in which the organizations outsource their computational services or sell their idle computational resources. Even though migrating to the cloudremains attractive trend from a financial perspective.Development of the cloud service model delivers business-supporting technology more efficiently than ever before. The shift from server to service-based thinking is transforming the way technology departments think about, design, and deliver computing technology and applications. Security is a key requirement for cloud computing combine as a robust and feasible versatile solution. Central component of managing risks in cloud computing is to understand the nature of security threats. Recognizing both the promise of cloud computing, and the risks associated with ithere we identify critical areas in cloud computing andunderstand cloud security threats in order to make educated risk-management decisions regarding cloud adoption strategies. This report focuses on threats specifically related to the shared, on-demand nature of cloud computing.

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