Na, Chŏl and the Characteristics of His National Movement

Na, Chŏl and the Characteristics of His National Movement


  • Journal title: International Journal of Korean History
  • ISSN: 1598-2041 (print) 2508-5921 (online)
  • Publisher: Korea University, Center for Korean History
  • Country of publisher: korea, republic of
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2018/May/12

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  • LCC Subject Category: History
  • Publisher's keywords: Characteristics, National Movement
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    Hwan Park



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Na, Chŏl was an active participant in the anti‐Japanese rebellions who in his time was also involved in several diplomatic activities. Moreover, Na is also well known as the person who created the Taejong religion (Taejonggyo) and for being the mastermind behind the plot to assassinate the 5 government officials who participated in the signing of the 1905 Protectorate Treaty with the Japanese. Taejonggyo, a nationalist religion that worshiped Tan’gun, played a critical role in leading the Korean independence movement during the 1910s and 20s. Its influence was particularly strong in Manchuria where most agitators and groups seeking independence were followers of the Taejonggyo. Famous followers of the Taejonggyo include Kim, Chwa‐jin, a famous agitator against Japan in Manchuria, as well as Shin, Chae‐ho and Park, Eun‐shik. In addition, the Northeast Anti‐Japanese United Army, which spearheaded the battle in Chŏngsanli, the Shinminbu, a prominent independence minded organization which operated in Northern Manchuria, as well as the Independence Party of Korea were all established by followers of the Taejonggyo.

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