The Focal Issues in the Historical Study of the Koryŏ’s Resistance against Mongol

The Focal Issues in the Historical Study of the Koryŏ’s Resistance against Mongol


  • Journal title: International Journal of Korean History
  • ISSN: 1598-2041 (print) 2508-5921 (online)
  • Publisher: Korea University, Center for Korean History
  • Country of publisher: korea, republic of
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2018/May/12

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  • LCC Subject Category: History
  • Publisher's keywords: The Focal Issues, Historical Study, Koryŏ's Resistance
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Yong-hyuk Yoon



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The war between Koryŏ and Mongol lasted over forty years from 1231 to 1273. The Mongol Empire was a worldwide empire gaining the mastery of Eurasia as well as the Continent of China. Upon its destruction of Jin Dynasty in 1234 which ruled the northern China, the empire intensified its attack on Koryŏ as an effort to put its pressure upon the southern Song. However, Koryŏ never alleviated the level of its resistance to Mongol. Mongol, on the other hand, lightened its original aim to gain Koryŏ’s subjection to them under certain conditions as the war turned out to be a longer one. Its intention was to recognize Koryŏ’s independence and keep Koryŏ under its control at the same time. The Mongol Empire demanded Koryŏ only two definite conditions: one was for the King of Koryŏ to bow before the Khan and the other was for Koryŏ to move back its capital from Kanghwa Island, a refuge capital back to Kaekyung, its original capital. The latter was a practical demand for the Mongol Empire to exercise its sovereignty over Koryŏ whereas the former was merely symbolic.

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