The Native Origins of the Paekche Refugee Ye (禰) Family and the Background of Their Activities in the Tang Dynasty

The Native Origins of the Paekche Refugee Ye (禰) Family and the Background of Their Activities in the Tang Dynasty


  • Journal title: International Journal of Korean History
  • ISSN: 1598-2041 (print) 2508-5921 (online)
  • Publisher: Korea University, Center for Korean History
  • Country of publisher: korea, republic of
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  • LCC Subject Category: History
  • Publisher's keywords: Paekche refugee, the epitaphs of Paekche refugee, Ye (禰) family, the epitaphs of Ye family, Ye Sikchin, Ye Gun, Ye Sosa, Ye Insu
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    Dongmin Lim



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The excavation of Paekche refugee epitaphs has increased in the 21st century. Among them, the epitaphs of the Ye (禰) family are valuable materials to understand the fall of Paekche, Paekche refugee activity, and their native origins. However, all of the Ye family epitaphs contain different stories about their native origins. More specifically, the native origin and ancestors of the Ye family became more detailed and Sinicized over time. The record of their ancestors is likely to have been fabricated for the future survival of the descendants in the Tang. Although the exact native origin is not clear, it is almost certain that the Ye family lived in Paekche since at least the sixth century and had already become accustomed to Paekche language and culture. With this understanding, it is remarkable how they could have been active in the Tang, just after surrendering, and not in Silla. It was natural for Paekche officials to yield to the Tang because of the situation in both the Tang and Silla. However, other factors related to Paekche were also important. Because Paekche had maintained its cosmopolitan and open attitude coupled with their familiarity with the Chinese language and culture, the Ye family could emigrate to the Tang and hold high status in various fields in East Asia.

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