Usability evaluation of a learning scenario for Biology implemented onto an augmented reality platform

Usability evaluation of a learning scenario for Biology implemented onto an augmented reality platform


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  • LCC Subject Category: Computer and Information Science, Computer-Human Interaction
  • Publisher's keywords: user centered design, usability, formative evaluation, augmented reality
  • Language of fulltext: english
  • Full-text formats available: PDF


    Costin Pribeanu, Dragoş Daniel Iordache, Alexandru Balog



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The combination between real and virtual in the augmented reality systems requires suitable interaction techniques that need to be tested with users in order to avoid usability problems. Formative evaluation aims at finding usability problems as early as possible and is useful to the development of interactive systems featuring novel interaction techniques. This paper presents an approach to the formative evaluation of a Biology scenario developed onto an educational augmented reality platform. The evaluation has been done during a summer school and afterwards. Two methods have been used: usability inspection and user testing. The basic idea of our approach was to conduct user testing twice. In this respect, the scenario has been tested with a small number of users during the summer school in order to get a fast feedback from students having good Biology knowledge. The testing has been repeated in different conditions and with a larger number of representative users. During and after each experiment, quantitative and qualitative measures have been collected by using a usability questionnaire and a log file analysis. In this paper we describe the experiments, we present the methods used and we comparatively analyze the results.

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