Approaches in Automatic Usability Evaluation. Comparative Study

Approaches in Automatic Usability Evaluation. Comparative Study


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  • LCC Subject Category: Computer and Information Science, Computer-Human Interaction
  • Publisher's keywords: human-computer interaction, usability, AOP, agents, accessibility
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Adriana-Mihaela Guran, Grigoreta-Sofia Cojocar



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Usability testing is a growing field with more and more companies getting aware of the importance of assuring a good usability of their products. Specialists conduct the tests and they use various kinds of tools to help them gather and analyze data. Some of the activities involved in the usability evaluation process can be automated, providing a great help to the usability specialists. This paper aims at presenting three approaches for automatic usability evaluation, together with a comparative study. The proposed approaches are related to the automatic gathering and analyzing interaction data. Usually, data from the interaction between the user and the system is acquired using logging, which involves code instrumentation. In this paper, two alternative approaches are presented that avoid code instrumentation: the use of Aspect Oriented Programming and the use of accessibility APIs. The first approach is integrated in an agent based architecture having the goal of automatic usability evaluation also. The two approaches are compared based on development and metrics computation complexity criteria.

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