Collaboration within cooperative tasks: the use of augmented reality in school environment (ARiSE)

Collaboration within cooperative tasks: the use of augmented reality in school environment (ARiSE)


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  • LCC Subject Category: Computer and Information Science, Computer-Human Interaction
  • Publisher's keywords: collaboration, cooperation, social interaction, learning models, augmented reality
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Irina Cristescu



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Some circumstances have shown that pupils and students tend to better understand the information from their colleagues than their teachers or professors as cooperation contributes to achieving social development and interpersonal attitudes in the classroom. Because learning is an interactiv process of knowledge construction, social actors tend to negotiate and contribute to finding meanings concerning the information needed. In the same time the learning environment must provide the student with the help he needs to develop his own abilities concerning knowledge construction. The celerity of technology spreading and accessibility on the market contributes to fufiling these desiderata even in the educational area. The use of augmented reality platform is an example of computer supported collaborative learning method. With the help of the computer is presented the task’s context which influences the interaction among pupils and students through collaboration during task completion. This explains the different advantages regarding the analysis and understanding of the flux of information: stimulating the collaboration, reduced time for learning, negotiating the meanings of information analysis, negotiating the roles each individual plays in the context of collaboration.

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