Utilization of waste with biofuel and fertilizers obtaining

Utilization of waste with biofuel and fertilizers obtaining


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  • LCC Subject Category: Biological Sciences, Ecology
  • Publisher's keywords: biomass; utilization of organic wastes; biofuel; biogas; fertilizer
  • Language of fulltext: english, russian, ukrainian
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    В. І. Карпенко, В. В. Козлов, Л. П. Голодок, О. В. Горлінський


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Scientific developments have taken place and there has been offered a new approach to utilization of sediment from municipal sewage for receiving biogas and fertilizers. That will allow for implementation of the zero-emission biotechnologies of receiving biogas and organic- mineral fertilizers from harmful communal wastes. Biogas generating systems of VP - 1 type have been developed and tested in experimental conditions. These systems are able to eliminate harmful waste, receive a complex organic-mineral fertilizer from this waste, increase a few times the exit of gas fuel from the waste as compared to existing fermenters (bioreactors), provide the protection of the environment from organic waste contamination, extend the possibilities of using small bioenergy systems in country cottage yards and farm estates, and increase the efficiency of the energy systems that have to transform waste into fuel.

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