Improvement of Reproductive Health by Detecting Iron-Deficiency-Anemia in Adolescent Girls of Rural Area

Improvement of Reproductive Health by Detecting Iron-Deficiency-Anemia in Adolescent Girls of Rural Area


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    Shampa Chakraborti



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Anemia is a public health problem and the primary cause of it is dietary deficiency though sometimes genetic abnormalities of hemoglobin synthesis and parasitic infections are the added reasons. In the present investigation a total of twenty five blood samples of teen-aged girls (14-18 yrs) were collected from the hospital of health science department situated at Ambegaon, Pune for the detection of iron-deficiency anemia for the purpose of improvement of reproductive health of adolescence girls in rural area. The objective of the studies is to bring awareness of iron status among rural adolescent girls to promote their maternal as well as child health. Iron deficiency anemia was detected in 43% (38% moderate, 5% severe and no mild anemia) of the tested population by the indicators (Hemoglobin, Serum iron, TIBC and Transferrin) generally used for assessment of anemia. Complete blood count (CBC) revealed significant reduction (P>.01) in RBC count, no changes in WBC count and significant increase in Platelets count (P> 0.01-Thrombocytosis noticed). Result indicates some relationship of iron deficiency anemia to thrombopoiesis. Improved diet and iron supplement along with vitamin A and C (needed for absorption of iron) should be implemented to control iron deficiency anemia in rural area. The results revealed were as: Haemoglobin (↓), MCV (↓), MCH (↓), MCHC (↓), serum iron ((↓), TIBC (↑), transferrin saturation (↓), Platelet count (↑).

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