Coliform Contamination on different Paper Currency in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

Coliform Contamination on different Paper Currency in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Bacterial contamination, Enterobacter, Escherichiacoli, Pathogens, Indian Paper currency
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Sushil Kumar Barolia, Sheetal Verma and Bhoopendra Kumar Verma



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Microorganisms are known to spread via air, water, food etc. an important mechanism of the spread of pathogens by formites. Food, water and soil borne infection are estimated to be affecting almost half of the world population. Paper currency notes which are transferred from one individual to other are known to carry bacteria on their surface and are responsible for transmitting them. These notes are susceptible to bacterial contamination during contaminate handing from person to person. An individual living in unhygienic conditions having unhygienic habits will contaminate the notes with bacteria e.g. habits such as using soling to count the paper notes also leads to the contamination and these notes will act as a vehicle delivering bacteria to contaminate the hands of the next user. Diseases continue to be a cause of major concern to human health in several part of the globe including in India, causing high morbidity, mortality and economic losses. Diseases that are transmittable contribute to paper currency this statistics by affecting human health and causing heavy looses directly or indirectly to economy. The aim of the present study was to ascertain the incidence and transmittance of microbes analysis from the paper currency collected from different regions of Ajmer and the presence of Escherichiacoli, Enterobacter spp. has been observed in the studied samples thereby highlighting the role of paper currency in spread of diseases.

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