A Study on Green Dyeing of Cotton with Ethanolic Extract of Sesbania aculeata

A Study on Green Dyeing of Cotton with Ethanolic Extract of Sesbania aculeata


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Natural dyeing, Sesbania aculeata, Ethanolic extraction, Cotton, Color measurements, Color fastness
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Charu Swami, Sangita Saini and V.B. Gupta



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In the recent past, the pollution resulting from the production and use of synthetic colorants, has received increased worldwide awareness. This has led to a significant revival of interest in natural colorants in the last few years. There is a realization amongst consumers and in textile industry for a need to re-invent natural dyes to impart color to textiles. This paper concerns with extraction of dyes from a plant, ‘Sesbania aculeata’, commonly known as Dhaincha. This plant belongs to the family of Fabaceae, which is commonly known as the legume family. It is a crop generally cultivated as green manure for increasing the nutritive value of the soil. This plant has low maintenance and tending operation costs with high yields. A highly desirable aspect of this plant, in contrast to the other natural dyes based on vegetable and fruit sources is that, its usage in making the natural dye does not result in any wastage of an otherwise edible or a highly commercial product. In this paper, ethanolic extract of Sesbania aculeata was used to dye cotton fabric using five different mordants with three different mordanting techniques. Color measurements were carried out to evaluate the shades obtained. The dyed fabrics were subjected for analysis in terms of K/S and CIE L*a*b* values as well as their fastness properties.

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