Physicochemical Characterization and Heavy Metal Concentration in Effluent of Textile Industry

Physicochemical Characterization and Heavy Metal Concentration in Effluent of Textile Industry


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Heavy metal, Pollution, Textile Industry Effluent, Physicochemical Parameter
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    Joshi V. J. and Santani D. D.



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Water pollution caused by the textile industry is mainly by the release of waste streams coming out from wet processing operations like scouring bleaching, dyeing and printing etc. Due to this chemical pollution, the normal functioning of cell is disturbed and this in turn may cause alteration in physiology and biochemical mechanisms of animals resulting in impairment of important functions like respiration, osmoregulation, reproduction and even mortality.In the present investigation, the concentration of selected heavy metals and physicochemical characteristics of the effluent samples were evaluated to ascertain the efficiency of industry’s waste water treatment process. Conventional methods were employed for determination of physicochemical parameters while, heavy metals in the effluent samples were analyzed using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The results obtained from the physicochemical analysis of all the samples of effluent indicated high temperatures, alkaline pH, and foul smell and were highly colored. The TSS values in all the samples and TDS values in some samples were also very high. All the samples except one sample have high microbial load which reflects in their high BOD values. The COD values of all the samples were very high indicating high degree of pollution. The results also showed elevated levels of inorganic metals. The concentration of heavy metals also has great variability. Thus textile effluent was a major source of water pollution which will affect the flora and fauna existing in such environments. This study anchors on the need for treatment textile effluent before they are discharged into the environment.

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