A Survey on the Rural Solid Wastes Characteristics in North Iran (Babol)

A Survey on the Rural Solid Wastes Characteristics in North Iran (Babol)


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Solid wastes, Rural areas, Generation rate, Density, Physical composition, North Iran
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Aliakbar Mohammadi, Abdoliman Amouei, Hosseinali Asgharnia, Hourieh Fallah, Zeinab Ghanami



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Today, scattering and dumping of solid wastes is one of the basic problems in rural areas of Iran. It is necessary to identify the quality and quantity of solid waste before making any decision about rural solid waste management. This study was an attempt to investigate the rate of per capita generation, density and physical composition of solid wastes in 10 villages of Babol township in north of Iran. In order to measure generation rate of solid wastes in selected villages, the rate of these materials was determined in 3 consecutive days of a week in the second month of each season. In determining of solid waste density and physical composition, the samples were mixed completely and provided in triplicate. Each sample has been transferred to a 0.5 m3 plastic container and its different components were measured by digital scale. Maximum and minimum generation rates per capita were 0.84±0.21 kg/day and 0.65±0.15 kg/ day respectively. Maximum and minimum densities were 431±36 kg/m3 and 407±21kg/m3 respectively. Mean weight percents of putrecible waste, plastics, paper, metal, glass, textiles and others were %76.9, %7.1, %7.4, %1.1, %0.7, %1.3 and %5.6 respectively. Considering composition of degradable materials (%76.9), composting is a suitable method for removal of rural solid wastes in north of Iran villages. According to noticeable amounts of recyclable materials (plastics, paper and metal), segregation and recycle programs of these components of solid wastes should be considered in these rural areas.

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