Mitigation of Climate Change and Role of Forest Management: A Short Review

Mitigation of Climate Change and Role of Forest Management: A Short Review


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Climate Change Mitigation, Forest Management, Ecosystem Services, Forest Degradation, Forest Ecosystems, Food Security
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Pooja Arora, Jyoti Luhach, Manju Sharma, Smita Chaudhry



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Climate change is the greatest global threat and long-term challenge, as it can significantly cause damage to water resources, land resources, ecosystem, food security and health. Current projections of climate change constitute a further increase in average global surface temperature, increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and changes in precipitation as well as altered disturbance regimes. A change of 1.8-4°C by 2090-2099 relative to that of 1980-1999 has been projected by IPCC AR4. Developing countries are going to bear the brunt of climate change and suffer most from its negative impacts. Mitigation measures in the forestry sectors are generating much interest as a potential means of adaptation to climate change and also as a source for additional income to rural population. Forest ecosystems are one of the most efficient systems in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, capturing carbon in soil and biomass, and reducing the vulnerability of people and ecosystems to the detrimental impacts of climate change. Managing the loss of global forest should, therefore be incorporated into the framework for stabilizing the atmospheric concentrations of green house gases. Forest management strategies can prove to be promising tools to achieve this stabilization with social, economic and environmental goals. For forests, to fully achieve their potential to address climate change, their governance must be improved as forestry projects can provide low cost mitigation strategies for climate change as well as adequate standards of living by improved food security, reduced poverty and increased sources of income.

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