Evaluation of Boron foliar application and irrigation withholding on qualitative traits of safflower

Evaluation of Boron foliar application and irrigation withholding on qualitative traits of safflower


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  • Publisher's keywords: Safflower, Yield, Oil content, Boron
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    Mehdi Aghighi Shahverdi Kandi Alireza Khodadadi, Farzane Heydari


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In order to study the effect of irrigation withholding at flowering and seed setting stage and boron foliar application on quantitative and qualitative traits of safflower a field experimental in randomized complete block design arranged in split plot with three replications was conducted in 2011. Irrigation with holding was comprised of water stress at two stages (flowering and seed setting) as main plot and three concentration of boron (0, 0.5 and 1 %) considered as sub plots. Results showed, exertion of water stress at flowering and seed setting stage decreased seed yield of safflower significantly. In addition, plan growth indexes, harvest index, and oil yield were affected by water stress negatively. Use of foliar boron increased seed yield under water stress; on the other hand, use of boron foliar application had the highest positive effect on plant biological yield, harvest index and seed boron content. In general, application of boron under conditions of late season drought stress is recommended to safflower seed production.

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