Regeneration and in vitro cultivation of three Iranian Mentha species using meristem, node and leaf disk cultures

Regeneration and in vitro cultivation of three Iranian Mentha species using meristem, node and leaf disk cultures


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  • LCC Subject Category: Agricultural Science, Biochemistry, Plant Sciences, Soil Sciences, Zoology and Animal Science, Agricultural Economics
  • Publisher's keywords: Mentha piperita, M.spicata, M.longifolia, In vitro regeneration, organogenesis
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    Farzaneh Heidari, Soodabeh Jahanbakhsh, Majid Talebi, Cyrus Ghobadi and Mehdi Aghighi Shahverdi Kandi


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Mint (Mentha sp.) is one of the important and economical vegetables with application in various medical and nutritional industries in the most parts of the world. Despite the abundant use of this plant, there is a little information about its tissue culture. In this study, In vitro regeneration of three Iranian Mentha species includes M.piperita, M.spicata, M.longifolia were investigated using shoot meristems, nodes, and leaves explants on MS salts and vitamins supplemented with various concentrations of BAP alone or with NAA. Eight weeks after cultivation, the results were statically analyzed by using SAS software. Leaves explants from M.spicata, M.longifolia varieties only produced callus and Leaves explants of M.piperita failed to generate shoots at any combination of BAP and NAA with necrosis of explants after few days of inoculation. It was found that shoot meristems and nodes were more potent for shoot regeneration as compared to leaf disk explants. The species M.piperita highest frequency of shoot regeneration from meristem and nodal segments were recorded on MS medium supplemented respectively with 1.5 mg/l BAP and 0.5 mg/l NAA and 1 mg/l BAP and 1.5 mg/l NAA. However shoot meristem explants produced more number of shoots, the regeneration of its leaf disk explants would be continued.

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