The study of genetic diversity of wheat genotypes based on Gliadin protein patterns

The study of genetic diversity of wheat genotypes based on Gliadin protein patterns


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  • LCC Subject Category: Agricultural Science, Biochemistry, Plant Sciences, Soil Sciences, Zoology and Animal Science, Agricultural Economics
  • Publisher's keywords: Genetic diversity, wheat genotypes, protein patterns, AGA
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    Farzaneh Pordel-Maragheh , Ali Akbar Imani and Hossein Shahbazi



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In order to study the reaction of winter wheat genotypes to drought stress in terminal, an experiment was conducted with 9 wheat promising lines and Shahryar varieties (control) in a randomized complete block design with three replications. In addition to morphological assessment in the field, gliadins electrophoresis was performed using the technique A-PAG in the laboratory. There was significant difference between genotypes in terms of all properties evaluated. The highest yield belonged to genotypes 2, 3 and 4 with 9/3 and lowest in genotype 5 with 1/2 ton ha. The relationship between traits showed that the increasing of peduncle length and reducing the number of fertile tillers will have a positive effect on performance. Due to the high correlation of grain yield with grains per spike indicated that these traits can also be a good measure for the selection of high yielding varieties. In grouping, according to the jacquard distance and cluster analysis based on protein data in genotype 4 which is, yielding, fast flowering and preterm, short legs, high claws which had high hyacinths length, had the farthest distance with the other genotypes is being studied.

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