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  • LCC Subject Category: Archaeology, Social Sciences, Sociology, History
  • Publisher's keywords: geology, holocene, mesolithic, closed sites, lithic materials
  • Language of fulltext: indonesian
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    Fadhlan S. Intan


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Sarolangun Karst belongs to the Sarolangun Regency, preserving the cultural remains of the mesolithic period, which has not been too concerned by environmental researchers, especially geoarchaeology. This is the issue that covers general geological conditions. The purpose of this research is to mapping the surface geology in general as an effort to present geological information related to archeological site. The aim is to know the geomorphological, stratigraphic aspects of the archaeological sites. The research method is done through literature review, survey, field data analysis and interpretation. Environmental observations provide information on the landscape of the study area consisting of terrestrial morphology units, weak wavy morphology, strong corrugated morphology units, and karst morphology units. The rivers are dendritic and rectangular, along with the mature-old river, the Old River, Periodic/Permanent River and the Episodic/Intermittent River. The rocks of prehistoric cave compilers are limestones. The geologic structure is a fracture of the shear fault type. Exploration at Sarolangun Karst has listed 6 cave sites. From the classification of petrology, litik tools made of jasper, chert, basalt and andesite rocks. Rock as a raw material litik, found around caves in both the outcrop and boulder. For obsidian sources are located in Bukit Hulu Simpang and Bukit Legal Tinggi.

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