Assessment of the Status of Obsolete Pesticide Stocks in Selected Parts of Ethiopia

Assessment of the Status of Obsolete Pesticide Stocks in Selected Parts of Ethiopia


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Ethiopia like most sub-Saharan countries had been suffered by obsolete pesticides accumulated at various places across the country. Disposal of obsolete pesticides in Ethiopia had been inadequate and presently huge quantities of obsolete pesticide stocks are found accumulated in substandard stores owned by ministry of health, ministry of agriculture and various investors, presenting potential risks to nearby residents and the environment. This assessment study of obsolete pesticide stocks’ status was aimed at evaluating the status and effects of obsolete pesticide stocks on public health and the environment and indicate a corrective action. The methodology employed to collect data was field observation, interviews and questionnaires dispatched to study site residents. Results of the study indicated that obsolete pesticide stocks were depreciated, kept in torn out drums, burst open sucks, indiscriminately mixed up with other chemicals, exposed to sunlight, wind drift and runoff water and easily accessible to animals and humans. Thus obsolete pesticide stocks accumulated in inefficiently secured stores could be a threat not only to public health and the environment but also to the fast growing economy of the country. Awareness raising and training given to the public on the dangers involved with obsolete pesticide stocks was inadequate. To aware the community and conduct further research to ascertain the actual situation of obsolete pesticide stocks accumulated across the country need to be carried out before the present situation causes more social and environmental problems.

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