Principles of Soft Tissue Management in Dental Implants

Principles of Soft Tissue Management in Dental Implants


  • Journal title: Dental Research and Management
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    Xiao-Quan Mao



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Objective: To evaluate the impact of soft tissue factors in dental implants. Data: Studies evaluating the role of soft tissues in dental implants were included in this review. Sources: A comprehensive literature search of English and Chinese language articles was performed via electronic databases (PubMed, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, CNKI and VIP) using the appropriate key words(esthetic; evaluation; impact factor; soft tissue). The most recent search took place in January 2016. Study selection: Potentially appropriate articles were identified and evaluated for eligibility through a predefined review process conducted by two examiners. Only 16 out of the 346 identified records met criteria and were included in the final analysis. Conclusion: The success of dental implants depends on two outcomes, the functional utility of the implant and its beauty. During the early phase of treatment, the main objective of a dental implant is to achieve adequate function. In clinical practice, however, subsequent soft tissue retraction and implant exposure have a significantly negative impact on implant esthetics, especially in young women’s teeth, which can also be considered as implant failure. It is particularly important to understand how to support the surrounding soft tissue so that it is esthetically pleasing.

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