Cracking of Reinforced Recycled Concrete Slabs

Cracking of Reinforced Recycled Concrete Slabs


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  • LCC Subject Category: Materials Science, Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Environmental Protection, Biomaterials, Civil Engineering
  • Publisher's keywords: Reinforced Recycled Concrete Slabs
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Flavio Stochino, Luisa Pani, Lorena Francesconi and Fausto Mistretta



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The results of an experimental investigation on cracking of fifteen reinforced recycled concrete slabs are presented in this paper. Five different recycled aggregates replacement percentages have been used for different mix design. First, the values of tensile strength, cylindrical compressive strength and modulus of elasticity of the concrete mixes have been determined. Then the deflection-load curve of the simply supported slabs have been obtained. The limit of the linear part of this curve determines the experimental cracking load. Its comparison with the theoretical value shows good agreement. Recycled concrete slabs show a similar performance to those made with ordinary concrete.

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