How to tailor a transdiagnostic intervention to the individual state of mind of individuals with ASD?

How to tailor a transdiagnostic intervention to the individual state of mind of individuals with ASD?


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Introduction: ReAttach is a trans-diagnostic tailored intervention based on a conceptualization model. The intervention includes arousal-regulation, multiple sensory processing, conceptualization, affective mentalization and associative memory formation (active learning). Autism Spectrum Disorder is a clinical diagnosis for a heterogeneous group of individuals who experience pervasive neurodevelopmental problems including perceiving the world in a fragmented way: the pre-conceptual state of mind. Tailored ReAttach sessions support individuals with ASD to develop a coherent sense of the self and the world. Objective: The aim of this article is to describe how a to tailor a ReAttach session to the individual state of mind of individuals with ASD. Method: ReAttach-C.A.T. is a Computer Adaptive Tool, built to assist therapists to map the individual state of mind before the start of ReAttach sessions. The instrument is in its early stage of development. Results: A group of 52 patients with complex developmental challenges were interviewed by their ReAttach therapist, using the inclusive ReAttach-C.A.T. Mapping the individual state of mind in co-creation with the individual with ASD, makes sense and is helpful for a variety of reasons. It also sheds a new light on the Forms of Vitality of the co-creators.

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