Energy/bandwidth-Saving Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Two-hopWRAN

Energy/bandwidth-Saving Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Two-hopWRAN


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  • LCC Subject Category: Computer and Information Science, Telecommunications
  • Publisher's keywords: TV White Space, Cognitive radio, IEEE 802.22, Wireless Regional Access Network, Cooperative Spectrum Sensing, Energy saving
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Ming-Tuo Zhou, Chunyi Song, Chin Sean Sum, Hiroshi Harada


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A two-hop wireless regional area network (WRAN) providing monitoring services operating in Television White Space (TVWS), i.e., IEEE P802.22b, may employ a great number of subscriber customer-premises equipments (S-CPEs) possibly without mains power supply, leading to requirement of cost-effective and power-saving design. This paper proposes a framework of cooperative spectrum sensing (CSS) and an energy/bandwidth saving CSS scheme to P802.22b. In each round of sensing, S-CPEs with SNRs lower than a predefined threshold are excluded from reporting sensing results. Numerical results show that the fused missed-detection probability and false alarmprobability could remainmeeting sensing requirements, and the overall fused error probability changes very little. With 10 S-CPEs, it is possible to save more than 40% of the energy/bandwidth on a Rayleigh channel. The principle proposed can apply to other advanced sensing technologies capable of detecting primary signals with low average SNR.

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