Performance Analysis on the Coexistence of Multiple Cognitive Radio Networks

Performance Analysis on the Coexistence of Multiple Cognitive Radio Networks


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  • LCC Subject Category: Computer and Information Science, Telecommunications
  • Publisher's keywords: Multiple cognitive radio networks, achievable rate
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Lijun Qian, Oluwaseyi Omotere, Riku Jäntti


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The demand for wireless services is growing on a daily basis while spectral resources to support this growth are static. Therefore, there is need for the adoption of a new spectrum sharing paradigm. Cognitive Radio (CR) is a revolutionary technology aiming to increase spectrum utilization through dynamic spectrum access, as well as mitigating interference among multiple coexisting wireless networks. In many practical scenarios, multiple CR networks may coexist in the same geographical area, and they may interfere with each other and also have to yield to the primary user (PU). In this study, we investigate how much throughput a node in a CR network can achieve in the presence of another CR network and a PU. The results of this study illustrate how the transmission probability and sensing performance affect the achievable throughput of a node in coexisting CR networks. In addition, these results may serve as guidance for the deployment of multiple CR networks.

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