Spectrum Occupancy Measurements in the 2.3-2.4 GHz band: Guidelines for Licensed Shared Access in Finland

Spectrum Occupancy Measurements in the 2.3-2.4 GHz band: Guidelines for Licensed Shared Access in Finland


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  • LCC Subject Category: Computer and Information Science, Telecommunications
  • Publisher's keywords: cognitive radio, spectrum measurement, spectrum occupancy, spectrum sharing
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Marko Höyhtyä, Marja Matinmikko, Xianfu Chen, Juhani Hallio, Jani Auranen, Reijo Ekman, Juha Röning, Jan Engelberg, Juha Kalliovaara, Tanim Taher, Ali Riaz, Dennis Roberson


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This paper presents results from spectrum occupancy measurements in the 2.3-2.4 GHz band at Turku, Finland. The band is currently under study in European regulation and standardization for mobile communication systems. We review the recently introduced Licensed Shared Access (LSA) concept as a potential means for making the 2.3-2.4 GHz band available for mobile communications on a shared basis while protecting the rights of the incumbent spectrum users. The spectrum occupancy measurements conducted in one location in Finland show that the use of this band is rather low indicating that there might be potential for mobile communication systems to share this band with the incumbents under the LSA approach. Based on the obtained knowledge about the use of the studied band in Finland we create a set of guidelines for LSA to make the operation efficient both from the technical and economic viewpoint.

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