A Reputation-based Distributed District Scheduling Algorithm for Smart Grids

A Reputation-based Distributed District Scheduling Algorithm for Smart Grids


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  • LCC Subject Category: Computer and Information Science, Telecommunications
  • Publisher's keywords: Distributed Algorithms, Autonomous Demand Response management, Energy Consumption Scheduling, Smart Power Grids, Reputation algorithm
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    D. Borra, M. Iori, C. Borean, F. Fagnani


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In this paper we develop and test a distributed algorithm providing Energy Consumption Schedules (ECS) in smart grids for a residential district. The goal is to achieve a given aggregate load pro le. The NP-hard constrained optimization problem reduces to a distributed unconstrained formulation by means of Lagrangian Relaxation technique, and a meta-heuristic algorithm based on a Quantum inspired Particle Swarm with Levy flights. A centralized iterative reputation-reward mechanism is proposed for end-users to cooperate to avoid power peaks and reduce global overload, based on random distributions simulating human behaviors and penalties on the e ective ECS di ering from the suggested ECS. Numerical results show the protocols e ectiveness.

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