Evaluation of Etiological Risk Factors in the Development of Adult Chronic Pilonidal Disease

Evaluation of Etiological Risk Factors in the Development of Adult Chronic Pilonidal Disease


  • Journal title: Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease
  • ISSN: 2536-4898 (print) 2536-4901 (online)
  • Publisher: Galenos Publishing House
  • Country of publisher: turkey
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2019/Aug/13

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  • LCC Subject Category: Medicine, Surgery
  • Publisher's keywords: Etiology, pilonidal sinus, prevention
  • Language of fulltext: english, turkish
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    Adnan Kuvvetli, Süleyman Çetinkunar, Alper Parlakgümüş


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Aim: Pilonidal disease has a high rate of recurrence after surgical interventions and measures that can be taken to prevent the recurrence are gaining importance. This study was planned to review the possible risk factors and to provide guidance for the reduction of pilonidal disease. Method: Patients diagnosed with pilonidal disease between January 2014 and January 2017 were evaluated. Age, gender, weight, height, body mass index (BMI), occupation and sitting or standing position during working, family history of pilonidal sinus, skin color and hair color were analyzed retrospectively. The BMI of the patients was categorized as ≤20.0 kg/m2, 20.1-25.0 kg/m2, 25.1-30.0 kg/m2, 30.1-35.0 kg/m2 and 35.1-40.0 akg/m2. Results: The total number of patients with pilonidal disease was 217 with a mean age 26.0. The disease had two age peaks at 19 and 24-27 years. Pilonidal disease was statistically significantly more commonly observed in patients with BMI of 25.1-30.0 kg/m2 (p<0.001). The disease was significantly higher in brunette patients compared to auburn and blonde patients (p<0.001). The disease was observed in 49.8% patients with seated positional occupations (p<0.001). Conclusion: Age, skin color and hair color are unmodifiable risk factors, but prevention of obesity, reducing sitting time and changing routines while fulfilling occupations seem preventive methods.

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