The First Awake Craniotomy for Eloquent Glioblastoma in Southern Thailand

The First Awake Craniotomy for Eloquent Glioblastoma in Southern Thailand


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  • LCC Subject Category: Health science, Medical science
  • Publisher's keywords: awake craniotomy; brain tumor; glioblastoma
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Anukoon Kaewborisutsakul, Sakchai Sae-Heng, Chanatthee Kitsiripant, Pannawit Benjhawaleemas


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Awake craniotomy (AC) with direct cortical stimulation is becoming the gold standard for functional brain mapping. It is used to identify the safe brain area before pathologic resection. This method indicates the pathology near or at the eloquent cortex, such as gliomas or metastasis. AC can optimize the patient’s quality of life and oncologic outcome. This task requires the active cooperation of a patient care team familiar with advanced neuroscience and challenging to learn. We report the first time this operation which performed in our institute with technical details, in terms of anesthesia, and surgical aspects.

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