Diabetes insipidus: Overview

Diabetes insipidus: Overview


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    Seema Sharma*, Karam Singh ASBASJSM College of Pharmacy, Bela, Ropar, Punjab, India


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Diabetes insipidus is mainly characterized by polyuria, urinary volume over 3 L/day or 40mL/kg/day in adults, leading to subsequent polydipsia; these features are also present in most cases of diabetes mellitus. But today we can use natural treatment to remedy our problems concerning diabetes. This review is about diabetes insipidus which is entirely different from diabetes mellitus. We have read much about diabetes mellitus but now we must know about the diabetes insipidus. Diabetes insipidus is a uncommon condition, in which the kidneys are unable to conserve water. The amount of water which is conserved by the kidney is controlled by anti diuretic hormone (ADH) also called as vasopressin. In this disease there is lack of vasopressin in the body. In this overview there is a full disease profile of diabetes insipidus, so we came to know about the causes, sign & symptoms, treatment and medication for this diease.

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