Teaching English Grammar: In-Service English Language Teachers’ Perceptions

Teaching English Grammar: In-Service English Language Teachers’ Perceptions


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  • Publisher's keywords: Deductive Method, Inductive Method, Teaching English Grammar
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    Mr. Rameshwar Jyoti


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This study aims to explore the perceptions of in-service English teachers towards teaching grammar in secondary level. I employed a qualitative research design. The study was carried out within the theoretical framework of social constructivism and cognitivism. Three in-service English teachers of secondary level, teaching at three different community schools in Rupandehi district, Nepal were purposively selected as research participants. They were interviewed using a semi-structured interview technique to collect relevant information for the purpose. The study reveals that in-service English teachers have positive attitudes towards teaching grammar. Furthermore, they opined that grammar plays a central role in teaching English language, and should not be taught deductively. In addition, they were in favour of the use of inductive method of teaching grammar as this method enhances the students to produce syntactically and semantically correct sentences with appropriate and relevant vocabulary. The study further demonstrates that deductive method is also in practice to teach grammar because the students feel better and more comfortable to receive rules and structures of grammar from the teachers. This study contributes to English teachers' comprehensive understanding of teaching grammar in their classrooms.

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