Saldırganlık Üzerine Yapılan Psikolojik Danışma ve Rehberlik ve Psikoloji Doktora Tezlerinin İncelenmesi

Saldırganlık Üzerine Yapılan Psikolojik Danışma ve Rehberlik ve Psikoloji Doktora Tezlerinin İncelenmesi


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  • LCC Subject Category: Education, Teacher Education, Education & Educational Research, Educational Psychology, Education Research
  • Publisher's keywords: Aggression, Psychological counseling, Psychology Content analysis
  • Language of fulltext: turkish, english
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    Cafer Kılıç


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This paper is based on the review of the psychological counselling and psychology dissertations which investigate aggression. The key term, “aggression”, was used to scan the higher education dissertation database and open access dissertations which had been published between 2000 and 2019 were examined. In the final analysis, twenty-one dissertations were eligible for the review and content analysis among 81 dissertations. The findings of the dissertations were reviewed systematically and discussed thoroughly in the discussion chapter. According to the content analysis, dissertations were examined and categorized under six themes; discipline, publication year, method, sample, measurement tools, and statistical methods. The systematic review indicated that aggression is related to a variety of variables. It was seen that boys are more aggressive than girls and aggression levels change with regards to the type of school and developmental period of children. It was concluded that individual features (personality, intelligence) and family characteristics (authoritative attitude, aggression history) predict aggressive behaviors. The content analysis revealed three results: a) research on aggression was conducted with experimental designs, b) samples are generally consisted of students, c) analysis of variance was used more than any other statistical method.

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