Strategic Controlling as Methodological Tool for Strategic Management of Expenses

Strategic Controlling as Methodological Tool for Strategic Management of Expenses


  • Journal title: Accounting and Finance
  • ISSN: 2307-9878 (print) 2518-1181 (online)
  • Publisher: 'Institute of Accounting and Finance' Company with Additional Liability
  • Country of publisher: ukraine
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2019/Sep/28

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  • LCC Subject Category: Economics, Economics, Business, Finance, Finance and Financial Services, Marketing, Management, Banks and Banking, Accounting
  • Publisher's keywords: strategic controlling, operational controlling, strategic cost management, management decisions
  • Language of fulltext: ukrainian, english, russian, polish, german
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    Valentyna Khodzytska


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Controlling is a tool for collecting, analyzing and assessing of necessary information on the status of the company. Such information is required by the managers for effective management decisions, which ultimately can reduce the level of risk. This article is dedicated to the nature and certain aspects of implementation of the strategic controlling as strategic cost management instruments in the enterprise. Highlights are given to the main aspects of strategic controlling influence on making effective decisions on strategic cost management. Revealed the differences in operational and strategic controlling, own vision of the strategic controlling structure of the company is offered. The attention is given to the instruments and methods of controlling. The advantages and disadvantages of each instrument are being studied. According to the authors, understanding the importance of controlling will provide the managers of the companies with more successful controlling use in the system of strategic cost management, and methods revealed in the article will make it possible to realize the task of controlling and therefore decide on controlling tools that should be used in a given situation.

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