A study of clinical profile and outcome of patients with NICU admissions at tertiary care centre

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2019, Vol 10, Issue 3


Background: Neonatal period is one of the crucial period in life of human. Neonatal diseases requiring NICU admissions are sepsis, jaundice and respiratory diseases. Neonatal morbidity and mortality reflects maternal and child health service effectiveness.Aim and objective: To study the clinical profile and outcome of patients with NICU admissions at tertiary care centre. Methodology: Total 100 neonatal patients admitted in NICU were studied. Data was collected with pretested questionnaire. Data included sociodemographic data, detailed history and clinical examination. Patients were followed for two weeks. Outcome was recorded. Data was analysed with appropriate statistical tests.Result: Mean age of the patients was 36.25±1.31 weeks. Majority of the patients were in the gestational age of >37 weeks (49%) followed by 34-37 weeks (39%). Majority of the patients were with birth weight of >2.5 kgs (53%). Most commonly observed morbidity in our study was sepsis (37%). Second commonly observed morbidity was jaundice (22%). 11% mortality was observed in our study.

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Malleshappa K


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