An Academic Analysis of Demarcation and Ownership of Land in Hinduism

Journal Title: Journal of Religious Studies, University of Chitral - Year 2017, Vol 1, Issue 1


Land ownership is considered as a human right under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is recognized as a basic right in the modern world. It remains one of the most controversial issue throughout history, always in need of an appropriate definition suited to a nation’s political, social and economic conditions.While all liberal laws allow for certain reasonable restrictions on an absolute right to property for some public good, the challenge facing every country is where to draw the line against state interference into a person’s right to own and enjoy property. Especially in the modern world countries required more food production and the problem is that, some people have so much land area, and that a significant part of their lands is out of their power to cultivate accurately. Due to this reason much of land area remains barren. And in the other side some farmers who have not enough land, their half-power spend without receiving any fruit. Religion plays a Vitol role in this area, if the followers of that religion follow such rules with honesty. In non-Semitic religions Hinduism is one of the largest religion of the world with a rich culture and religious practices. This research paper will explain religious law about the ownership of land in Hinduism.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. Muhammad Anees Khan, Dr. Hafiz Nasir Uddin


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