Carmine (E120): A Study on its Legal and Juridical Status

Journal Title: Journal of Religious Studies, University of Chitral - Year 2017, Vol 1, Issue 1


Carmine, a color derived from an insect known as cochineal. Its scientific formula is E120. It is used in many types of food and cosmetics. Basically, it is a red color (red no 4) and after a chemical processes it assumes a new artificial color. The Europeans use this color according to their legal requirements. In Pakistan the use of the color as a food ingredient has been banned and many such products, in which this color has been added have also been discarded as some jurists have declared it as ×arÉm while other legitimize its use. The reason why some jurists considered it“×arÉm” is purely because of its harmful nature which causes allergy and other harmful diseases, however, its external use like in cloth coloring and cosmetics is allowed. This study elaborates on the status and legal use of this color in the light of the opinions of the jurists.

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Yasir Farooq


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